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Tenant Screening and Selection Policy

Watson Management Co., Inc. does not accept portable screening files. The information requested on the application is necessary for us to use in making a decision on behalf of a property owner. Watson Management Co., Inc., does not own any of the properties. We act as an agent for the property owner under the laws of the State of Washington.

Fair Housing:

Watson Management Co., Inc., supports and subscribes to fair housing for all. We comply with all federal, state and local laws. We continually attend classes on fair housing to keep current on changes occurring in the interpretation of fair housing regulations.

Viewing A Property:

Prior to completing a Rental Application, applicants and/or their representatives are required to physically view both the interior and exterior of a dwelling to determine if the unit will meet their personal needs. Properties are rented “as is”, unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing prior to submission of the application, and it is up to you to determine the unit’s suitability for you and your family.

The Application Process:

Each adult (person eighteen years of age or older or emancipated minor) must complete an application. Applications are accepted only after a prospective tenant or their representative has viewed a rental property, determined it to meet their individual needs, and paid the application processing fee. Incomplete or unsigned applications will not be accepted for consideration. Each applicant is required to pay a forty-three dollar ($43.00) application processing fee. This fee covers the cost of processing the application and may include, but is not limited to, the costs of obtaining credit reports, civil and criminal background histories, a nationwide eviction search, and administrative time for verifying income and references. This is a non-refundable fee. Upon receipt of a completed application with processing fee, the unit will be held exclusively for the applicant(s) pending a decision on the application. Upon being accepted (either unconditionally or conditionally) to rent a unit you will be required to execute a Property Holding Agreement within 24 hours and pay a holding fee equal to the security, cleaning and damage deposit for that specific property. This will hold the property for you for up to seven days before the rental contract must be executed and the rent begins.

Application Screening:

When reviewing a Rental Application and Screening Report we will consider extenuating circumstances (temporary loss of employment, medical reasons, family emergencies, etc.). If the Application to Rent is either conditionally accepted on not accepted, you may request reconsideration in writing detailing extenuating circumstances that no longer exist that caused the conditional acceptance or denial of the application. The screening report will be reviewed for the following adverse (negative) information:


Civil Judgments and/or Collections for rentals and/or utilities, other collections

Bankruptcy, foreclosures, negative credit

Lack of credit history

Criminal History:

Watson Management Co., Inc. endeavors to provide safe, quality housing opportunities. We evaluate all prospective tenants for criminal histories. Applicants with criminal conviction, incarceration, or probation within the past seven (7) years will be considered for tenancy on a case by case basis. Applicant(s) with a criminal history as defined above may be disqualified from renting if the criminal history is for crimes against people or property. These crimes would include theft, burglary, assault, possession or manufacturing or distribution of a controlled substance. Applicants convicted of a sex offense or those who are registered sex offenders will not be considered for tenancy.


Lack of twelve (12) months of continuous and positive objective rental history

Negative and/or incomplete rental references


Lack of documentation verifying adequate monthly household income (a minimum of three times your portion the monthly rent).

The screening report will also be reviewed for:

False, misleading or incomplete and/or omission(s) of material fact(s) listed on the rental application

Lack of information provided on rental application

Every applicant is required to provide:

Copy of social security card or government verification of social security account number.

Government issued picture identification

Documentation of adequate income:

Two most recent pay stubs with year-to-date earnings

If self-employed, two years tax returns

Retirement earnings documentation (award letters, 1099-R, bank statements)

Additional income documentation (trust funds, alimony, child support, bank deposit history)

Adverse Actions:

In the event an adverse action is taken on your rental application (denial of tenancy, co-signor or increased deposit required) you have the right to a free copy of the screening report that we reviewed. The screening report was obtained from AppFolio Inc., (who obtained it from Experian). You have the right to dispute the accuracy of any information therein. Although Watson Management Co., Inc. is unable to provide you with a copy of the screening report based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act, an adverse action letter will be issued to you. This letter describes in detail how you may obtain a copy of the screening report.

You have a right to receive a free copy of your credit report each year from each credit bureau (Equifax, Experian, Trans Union). For your free copy log onto

To comply with the Washington State Fair Tenant Screening Act of 2012 and the Fair Credit Reporting Act this is to inform you that the background investigation will be processed by Watson Management Co., Inc., and AppFolio Inc. We may obtain credit reports, court records (civil and criminal), and detention information, employment and rental references as needed to verify all information included in your Rental Application.